Engineering Drawings and Equipment

Innovatech Engineering's multidisciplinary team is capable of tackling many aspects and levels of both large and small scale projects. Considerations to project requirements, scope of work, and schedules are always defined and updated as part of our continual client contact throughout the course of the project, as well as the design and engineering requirements pertinent to those industries. Industries as widely divergent as food and beverage to manufacturing and transportation.

In-House or Client-Field Site Services

CAD Workstation

Computer-Aided Design

We utilize the latest in CAD technology and computers to model concepts and project designs. Proficient CAD capability coupled with knowledgeable personnel ensures that every project concludes in the most cost effective manner.

3D design platforms: Autodesk Inventor DS SolidWorks Siemens Solid Edge
Design & Prototyping

Design & Prototyping


Our proficient use of this 3D CAD modeling technology excels the creative process to develop standalone parts or complete product assemblies and best communicates design intent and design manufacturability. Utilizing additional resources, through Innovatech business partners, developing small to medium size prototypes take form by additive or subtractive manufacturing technologies.
Technical Capabilities

Technical Capabilities

Using CAD technology to create three-dimensional models, we generate the necessary 2D drawing files to convey the part manufacturing requirements clearly. Innovatech project drawings are created using current industry standards or applying your company standards.

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